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Greece is a state which has amazing beaches on earth and many spectacular landscapes. The state has many stone-built villages and it is rich in customs and culture. Greece is the birthplace of democracy doctrine, arts and play and the Olympic Games. These are a few of the Greek Tour Packages designed keeping in mind the budget and taste of the voyagers.

Italy – GREECE

Rome-Pissa-Florence Region

This area is famous for its natural beauty as here you can see rows of villages, olive groves, terraced vineyards and cypress trees through beautiful Tuscany. if you are plan to spend holidays  in Turkey then you must visit Greece tour.



This is actually the city of the Medicis where traffic is prohibited in section of the historic center. The city has much to offer as here one can see Piazza Santa Croce; the Loggia dei Lanzi, the Piazza Signoria; the Palazzo Vecchio and the Piazza del Duomo.

 Florence Place, Venice Region

Now see the celebrated balcony of Romeo and Juliet and you can move to enchanting Verona.


Venice is just another great attraction and is the incredible film set as there are criss-crossing canals, gondolas arched bridges, and water buses and little quiet piazzas. One must not miss the optional gondola trip over here.

 Venice Region-Ancona Embarkation

You can move to the Po Delta to medieval Ravenna next day. Reach Ancona which is situated on the shores of the Adriatic.

Here you can get an opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the boat. Later on you can drive into the Peloponnese.

 Olympia- Tolon

You can now move to ancient Olympia where it is possible to find the ruins of the Temple of Zeus and enjoy the scenery of the Peloponnese.There are notable ruins of Mycenae in Tolon where you can get something exclusive to explore.

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