Tips on How to Make Meetings Matter

Many companies hold endless meetings that do not make the most of their time and talent. Learn how to organize and run more effective meetings by just following these simple tips-

The meeting minutes should be distributed within 24 hours. Your meeting was a success if the right people attended, the agenda was covered, points of view were aired and understood, decisions were made and solutions were developed.
1. Plan

Cancel unnecessary meetings and estimate what would happen if you didn’t hold the meeting. Instead contact one key person who can give all the information that you need, use a conference call, a memo or electronic email instead.

Most meetings can be better handled by a phone call or even a memo. You need to know exactly what the objective of every meeting is.

2. Prepare

Clearly define the purpose of the meeting, who should attend and where and when it will take place. Know what actions and decisions should result from the meeting and provide a clear agenda with a focus on major topics or issues.

Each agenda item should have a specific amount of time allocated to it. Write your agenda up in simple terms and phrases, make sure it is precise, well organized and structured openly enough to invite participation.

3.Be Productive

Check that the meeting room is set up ahead of time to ensure that the meeting can begin on time. Arrive early to get things ready and double check that you have enough chairs, markers, flip charts, paper, and pens etc. Use an open semicircle or a small circular arrangement to stimulate discussion.

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