Knowledge about Applications and Types of Air Bearings

Air bearings are fairly new to most people. Although they are not as popular as some other types of bearings, they are still very significant in many aspects. Due to their importance, I think it is rather essential for us to learn something about them.

Aerodynamic bearings and aerostatic bearings are two basic kinds of precision air bearings. Compared to types such as ball bearings and needle bearings, these two types seem like rather complicated. Let us look at the first type. They depend on relative motion between the surfaces and typically some type of spiral grooves to draw the air between the bearing lands. You can visit the official website of HovairĀ to get load moving equipments.

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This kind of bearings are often referred to as foil bearings or self-acting bearings. There are numerous examples about them like thrust bearings for electrical generator turbines.

Then it’s time to study about the second category. This type of products require an external pressurized air source which is introduced between surfaces by precision holes, grooves, steps or porous compensation methods. It is due the air source that these products can preserve an air gap in the absence of relative motion between the surfaces. Air bearings have a wide range of applications. They can be applied in testing equipments, high speed equipments, and precise machine tools, etc. They May have special rewards.

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