Hua Hin Property Leases

If you are not looking to lease a house in Hua Hin, Thailand, then you will either be renting an apartment or condominium. So what’s the dissimilarity? Well, an apartment is a building owned by one entity and only for rent, rather than a condominium which consists on many units that could be for rent or sale, by different owners.

 I find that Hua Hin flats units also are generally bigger and more ample than condominium components, just because condominiums are sold for a gain, consequently it’s only natural that the developer tries to squeeze into one building as many components. I guess this is the case anywhere on the planet and condo units can only get smaller with the growing construction costs. If you are looking buy property then you are at right place hua hin property for sale.

 However, there is a utility surcharge for all Hua Hin flats that can be somewhat critical when you total that all up at the end of each month. Electricity charges direct from the M.E.A. is 3.75 baht per unit and apartments tend to charge between 4 – 7 baht per unit depending on the level of the apartment and the facilities it offers.

 For apartments, all repair and maintenance costs are included in the rent, however with condos, depending on your landlord private contracts stipulate that the renter is responsible for day to day, modest repairs not exceeding 2000 baht every time.

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