How to Spend a Weekend Getaway in Phuket

By gratifying both in activity and rest, liberalization in Phuket, Thailand can be had. Snag Phuket resort hotel bargains and discounts to discover that this premier beach destination can invigorate in contrasting ways

Follow this itinerary to ensure that you will get to experience all of the flavors that Phuket offers.

 Friday at around 4 PM

When you get here, head directly to the seashore town of Kamala. Successfully recovered from the tsunami a couple of years back, Kamala features quaint cottages that pepper the hillside and bars that line the beach. Welcome yourself to Phuket with a crepe-like roti, filled with egg and fruit, and glazed with condensed milk. Walk along the broad sandy beach of Kamala to reenergize. You can enjoy tours Phuket less time less money.

 Before sundown

When you have money to burn, set it aflame at Pansea Beach to finish the day. Pansea is a small, secluded beach that, although runs for just 250 meters, has fine white sand that glistens in the light. The rock formations on either end frame the beach into a dreamy, postcard vision. Expensive resorts like Amanpuri have made Pansea exclusive for guests.

 Lunch with Buddha or the elephants

Climb in the top of Mount Nagakerd, which is now home to the just completed white jade marble-covered Buddha. As an alternative, you join elephant trekking trips, and can head to Bang Pae, 22 kilometers from Phuket town.

Muay Thai actions

Thailand’s so called national sport of Muay Thai is brutal, but in case you catch the ceremonial prefight dances, you will note that it is more than violent amusement.

Saturday night party

Try the night food market at Phuket town’s Ong Sim Phai Road near the Robinson Department Store.

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